Assistive Touch Policy

Assistive Touch Policy

Assistive Touch attaches great importance to protecting your privacy. Before using the services or apps provided by Assistive Touch, please read carefully the following statements.

In order to provide more accurate and well-targeted services, Assistive Touch may use personal information submitted by you in the manners mentioned below; nevertheless, Assistive Touch will treat such information with a high level duty of diligence. Without your permission, Assistive Touch will not disclose such information or provide such information to any third party.

It is Assistive Touch  principle to respect the privacy of the personal information of our users. Assistive Touch will take reasonable measures to protect user's personal information, without disclosing such information to any third party other than its Partners (without the consent of the user), unless such disclosure is required by law, court order or competent government departments or agreed to by the user. Exceptions will be applied if the user selects to accept such disclosures during the registration process (where applicable), or is otherwise stipulated on the disclosure or use of a user's personal information between the user and Assistive Touch and its Partners. The user shall bear any risks that may arise from any authorized disclosure of a user's personal information. For the operation and improvement of Assistive Touch technologies and services, Assistive Touch may collect and use the non-personal information of its users, or provide such information to third parties, in order to provide better user experience and improve the quality of our services.

Assistive Touch may collect your personal information when you voluntarily opt to use our services, apps or provide us with your personal information. We may use your personal information to communicate with you, and may send certain mandatory service communications to you, such as notification, information on technical service issues, and security announcements. We may also occasionally send you product surveys or promotional mailings to inform you of other products or services available from Assistive Touch and its affiliates. Your download, installation and use of the software shall be deemed to constitute consent to our use of your personal information. In addition, your download, installation and use of products/service from Assistive Touch and its affiliates, shall be deemed that you have expressly provided your consent to Assistive Touch for disclosure of personal information to Assistive Touch partners and/or affiliates "Partners").

Permission use:
- Permission android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE only listen state of phone to make app work properly.
- We never publicly disclose any personal or sensitive user data related to financial or payment activities or any government identification numbers, photos and contacts, etc.

- Permission android.permission.CAMERA to turn on Flashlight, not take a photo.

Required to use this permission in application to turn off the screen by using the Android Device Administration API. (
android:permission="android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN" (
The turn off the screen feature in application prompts the user to enable the device admin application, if deactivated. Once users enable the device admin application, Turn off the screen feature can be used to lock the device. If users do not enable the device admin app, it remains on the device, but in an inactive state and turn off the screen feature won't execute any action.
Prompt: To allow the application to turn off the screen  please open settings and activate it as device administrator.
Description: Allow the application to turn off the screen.
Device administrator activated state summary: Device administrator activated.
Device administrator activate state message: If activated, the application will be allowed to turn off the screen.
Device administrator deactivated state summary: Device administrator deactivated.
Device administrator deactivate state message: If deactivated, the turn off screen in application won't be allowed to work.
Device Administration on Google Developers web site:
android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN on Google Developers web site:

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